Friday, 13 March 2009


Hi and welcome to the APD Internet Marketing product review Blog.

There are an incredible number of new product releases in the IM space nowadays. Much of it is old re-hashed information that is, to be honest, of very little use.

In these tough times, you need to get the maximum "bang for your buck". You need to be 100% sure a product will...

1. Do what it says on the box
2. Actually help you achieve what you want to achieve by making a purchase... on this Blog we'll be reviewing all of the big Internet Marketing product launches.

We're not going to dress it up, we're going to tell you what we think - genuinely.

If we don't think the product is up to scratch, we'll give it to you straight! We'll tell you who we think should and shouldn't buy a product. What the product is good for and what it's not. That's our promise to you.

Please feel free to comment or mail us with your views as it all goes back to help you make better informed decisions on how you spend your product budget.

As *YOUR* success

Cheers now, and have fun!

Derek & Lee

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