Thursday, 23 April 2009

Responsive EMail Marketing Tutorials

Hello Again,

I just got my hands on this product from Erik James.

Sorry, but I have just invoked probably the quickest cancellation ever on this one.

This really is a tale of woe from start to finish. At $47/month, it is just not worth the money.

The content in the eight email marketing videos is VERY weak, well the ones I was able to watch anyway. Half of the videos didn't work and it was a trial to get the rest to play.

EMail Promos Exposed (which is available as a free download or free bonus on many online products) is much better in my opinion.

Sorry Erik, but I just cannot recommend this as a buy under any circumstances.

I hate posting such a negative review, but, you need to know when a poor product is launched.

As *YOUR* success

Cheers now, and have fun


P.S - Note added 24th April (after I'd calmed down a bit), the post refund email trail from Erik is good and customer focused. However, if he'd put a decent product out in the first place...that wouldn't have mattered would it?