Thursday, 26 March 2009

Brad Callens PPC Web Spy Review

With PPC Web Spy, you can spy on any advertiser or competition you want and uncover all the keywords and keyphrases they are using in their successful PPC campaigns and use these same list of keywords in YOUR AdWords Ads. You will be doing all this in Real-Time while you search using Google.

The amount of information this little tool gives you is huge, enough to figure out so many things that you can use to make very informed and accurate decisions. You will also be able to find out how your competition is making so much money and simply copy/paste their keywords.
PPC Web Spy is part of Bryxen Software tools, brand that made Brad Callen famous in the Keyword Research and Internet Marketing world.

Brad Callen has created over 15 software products that have been rated as some of the best in the whole world. With 15 successful products experience to back him up, we have absolute guarantee that PPC Web Spy is simply an awsome keyword research tool, simply perfect and amazing.

PPC Web Spy comes by default in a Free version for a limited time. We don’t know when Brad Callen will decide to take this offer off so it’s a great idea to get it now that you can. After you test the Free version, you will have an option to upgrade for the Platinum version that includes so much new features that I explain below.

The software is actually a FireFox browser plugin. The great part of this is that it’s less probable for it to have bugs or work wrong. We will only depend on Google and whenever it decides to make changes in the way it searches and displays results. But Brad Callen has such a great programming team that we would all have an update almost automatically.


This Is What PPC Web Spy Will Do For You!

You will have the ability to uncover probably any Google Adwords keywords that other advertisers use very easily and in no time at all. Just takes a couple of seconds. Why is this a good thing?

Because you can do the same thing the other advertisers are doing, profiting from those keywords! Just take the list of keywords and use them yourself to promote your own products.

You can see a lot of information about the list of keywords that you can use for your own benefit. The kind of information you’ll see is:

All the adword ads that each keyword appears in (yes, you’ll be able to spy that deep into your competition strategies)

How much the advertiser is spending for all those keywords, yes, the actual Cost Per Click

The position the advertiser is in. With this information, you can have a close idea of how much money you will need to spend to be in the same positions.

How much money other advertisers are spending every day for each keyword

With PPC Web Spy, you can create your own large lists of keywords that are based on individual keywords that other advertisers are using.

You can also create your own large lists of keywords using your competition or other advertisers domains.

You will be able to easily know if your competition is advertising products from affiliate sites such as ClickBank, PayDotCom or Amazon.

You will be able to find super affiliates using these affiliate site products and uncover the profitable keywords they are using, then just use the same successful keywords to promote the same products (or your own similar products) and expect similar results.

You can set PPC Web Spy to show the landing page URL of each PPC adwords ad live, in Google Results page.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Now Mike Filsaime Is At It!!

Hello Again,

Wow, it's a *BIG* news week this week!

I have some more news to share with you...some BIG news!

In fact, it's news that may well upset some people.

Mike Filsaime has announced that he is GIVING AWAY

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Mike has taken the $1997 (+ shipping) price of his best

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In case you're not aware, Butterfly marketing has launched

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These guys have come from nowhere to Internet Marketing

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But there is a major concern.

At the last count there were, 20,000 people that want it.

A sell out is expected in just hours.

DATE- March 24th, 1 PM EST (5PM U.K)

...there's more.

Mike paid over $75,000 out of his own pocket to have

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So, since there are *ONLY 5,000* and it is expected that

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Oh... Here is the best part and great news for today.

When you register as an early bird, Mike Filsaime is

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P.S. - Mike explains the new features in the 2.0 version at the