Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Marketing Quickies 3 - Release Update

Hi Again,

Just a very quick post as MQ3 is now live.

I've now had a chance to look inside the product and overall I'm impressed.

I suggest that you DO watch the video if you are potentially interested.

MQ3 Is Live Watch The Video

This 41 minute explains everything and in some detail. Having now had a chance to look inside I can confirm that the actual products you will be selling through your membership site are excellent. It is unique and very new content, worth a lot of money.

The systems employed are also very good and you will only need to make a few point and clicks here and there and write emails to manage your customers...and affiliates. Yes, I was seriously impressed that the system includes an affiliate management system...and a membership management system.

You also get full graphics a fully functioning website and free (cloud) hosting (which is very effective).

My only reservations are that there are going to be 500 products sold and as far as I can see everyone is going to be selling the same product. Now I know many people will buy and do nothing with it, but with a relatively high ticket price, I would expect about 50% to action (as it is very easy).

It's my view this will make it a bit of a bun fight to make sales from your site. The slogan is all you have to do is drive traffic, but that is easier said than done.

If you can pull a couple of big time JV's, are decent at Adwords or have a traffic system in place this is a a recommended buy as everything contained in MQ3 is very solid indeed.

In any case if you think this might be for you it is worth watching the video, but when watching bear in mind my comments!

MQ3 Is Live Watch The Video

There were a lot of very quick sales and there are 500 licences available, so if you are interested I would suggest you get along and have a look fairly quickly.

Lee Benson says "no hype" right at the front of the video, and he is very clever in the way he states his case. In my opinion it is "low key" hype, but it is a little bit there :>)

However, it is a very good and solid product.

My only BIG question is what happens once the initial 12 months of products that are included run out? That is not mentioned.

I know Andrew Fox is a subscriber of mine, so if you're reading Andrew, I'd be really grateful if you could please drop me a mail and clear that one up - thank you!

I'll let you know as soon as I get an answer.

As always...to *YOUR* succcess.

Cheers now

APD Internet Marketing

Monday, 30 March 2009

Marketing Quickies 3 Hits Town Tomorrow

Hello Again,

I've got news of a really interesting product launch today. At midday GMT tomorrow (31st March 2009) Andrew Fox and Lee Benson launch Marketing Quickies 3.

This is a really interesting product.

It comes with afree introduction report that you can download at the following link

Marketing Quickies Free Report

First up, you might as well get the report. It's a good read and Andrew gives the background as to how he overcame prejudice in his younger years to build a big Internet empire. It's a good read and a nice injection of positive.

If you read my stuff you'll know I am a fan of Andrew's stuff. He is one of the best affiliate marketers around, particularly in the U.K, and in my opinion has a unique take on the Internet marketing world.

His Affiliate X Factor and Dominating Clickbank 2 products were great for people new to affiliate and relationship marketing. Incidentally, if you but Dominating Clickbank 2 you don't need Affiliate X Factor.

Marketing Quickies 3 is a turnkey business in a box for want of a better way of describing it.

You get a fully functioning, automated membership site, with all the back office fully customised and working. You do not need to do anything.

All the web graphics are supllied and you even get 12 months hosting for your site.

The products you get the rights to re-sell are developed by Lee Benson and three "quick" Internet Marketing lessons of around 15 minutes each month.

So, the upside is you get a fully functional membership site with enough great products to keep you going for 12 months.

The downside is that after 12 months you have to take over all the running of the site and you don't have any more products to plug in. Now I haven't seen the "full pitch" yet, but my guess is Andrew and Lee will offer to keep you going for another year for another payment.

There is no doubt that membership sites are the way to go and...to set one upfropm scratch is a long and involved process!

I have seen one of the monthly "quickies" and it is a Javascript (with full instructions) that will really help increase sales on your (any) site. I udnerstand there will be a lot of Web2.0 and traffic techniques that Andrew and Lee use exclusively in their business.

So, it will be sharp content that will help you build a business.

Having said that you are going to be selling to the mid to experienced IM market with this product once you go live. It is an insatiable market so it will probably work well, however, if everyone who buys it launches effectively there will be a lot of comeptition for the same market selling the same products.

The major plus is that with such good products you stand a good chance of pulling some serious JV's which could help you build a large sized list quite quickly.

Finalt thoughts, this probably isn't for the complete beginner, although the promise on hand holding may get a newbie through. My view is for someone who has started to do a bit and had the odd success here and there and is looking to really get a kick start.

At the very least I would suggest it's worth downloading the report...so click below to get that...

Marketing Quickies Free Report

...and then watch the sales video (yes not a sales page a sales video) and make your decision from there.

I hope this launch review of Marketing Quickies 3 is helpful to you.

As always...to *YOUR* success.

Cheers now

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