Thursday, 13 August 2009

Mass Article Control - You Really Need To Read This


Long time, no post!

Serious apologies, but I'm sure you will understand Lee and I have been busy with Instant Social Traffic.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, we thought with all the hype surrounding the launch of Mass Article Control, we'd have a look and see if it does what it says on the tin (so to speak) and if it was a worthwhile addition to our social traffic activities.

Here's what we found.

There is no doubt writing articles and publishing out to the article sites should be part of your marketing arsenal. And, there is no doubt that publishing articles in many places can drive large amounts of free traffic to your sites.

However, it is a right pain in the backside to write lots of variations on a theme and then submitting to the numerous article sites.

And, if you're looking to publish Hubpages and Squidoo Lenses, the duplicate content rules are very hard to get around. So, you spend a lot of time writing and then you can only use what you write to a certain degree. try to use a PLR article but someone has beaten you to it and you're the one that gets "whacked" for duplicate content.

Mass Article Control aims to overcome both problems.

It comes in two parts.

Firstly an "Article Spinner".

Secondly an "Article Submitter".

I've been using Mass Article Control for two weeks now and this is what I have found.

The Spinner is pretty good. I took one of my old newsletters (about 2,000 words) and ran it through the spinner.

To be fair this was time consuming as a lot of the alternative words had to be entered myself as the internal thesaurus was a little lacking.

However, having put the time in the spinner churned out over thirty variations on the article all essentially around 15% different from each other.

I have to say, I wasn't sure that was enough of a percentage difference, but...I bit the bullet and set up a Hubpage using one version of the spun article and...hey presto, no duplicate penalty from Hubpages. Hubpages had penalised me on this same article before putting it through the spinner!

Test One passed!

The submitter. I did buy the upgrade to the twenty article submitter for the extra $47, so I then picked a different spin of the article and submitted to the article sites.

Setting up the submitter took a bit of time as I had to set up all the article site memberships. But once set up and tested entering the article is really very quick indeed (no more than 3-4 minutes).

However, there were some problems with the submitter.

Some needed author names set up and you are not allowed to set an author name up until you submit your first article at many sites. So, I got nine failures on the first submission.

Once I realised why and set up my author name, most submitted, although three persisted in failing and needed a manual submission.

Also, one site in the submitter list is NOT an article site.

Now the Mass Article Control people do admit that they had some teething problems and they sent out a new version of the product for download.

Since getting the new version I have had trouble submitting to some article sites. I have sent a ticket to support and not yet had an answer.

However, what I have found is that often failures are due to the following:-

  • Too many keyword phrases, some article sites only allow two or three.
  • Article sites are often down for maintenance early morning U.K time.
  • Sometimes the submission just plain fails.
  • Mass Article Control doesn't necessarily submit correctly to some sites, one in particular.

Now I know the guys at Mass Article Control are real geeks, and I know they are working extremely hard to put this initial glitches right, so I am happy to persist.

I can almost hear you shouting...WHY?

Well, the fact is, my sales have gone up on the products I have promoted using MAC! And, they have gone up quite considerably. And I have had NO duplicate content issues AT ALL!

So, for my money, Mass Article Control is a definite BUY, and the sooner Adeel and Bobby sort out the teething problems the better as the product will be even more powerful when they do:>)

Get Mass Article Control by Clicking HERE.

I recommend it.

As *YOUR* success

Cheers now


Friday, 19 June 2009

How To Twitter Successfully And Gain A Load Of Followers

Hi Again,

Derek here and today I'm reviewing a Twitter what?

O.K, I know there are a ton of Twitter guides around at the moment, many of them free and, truth be told, many of them not very good!

Funnily enough I got chatting to co-author of this guide, Heather Smith via Twitter. And, funnily enough it was the fact that she lives very near to where I holiday every year in British Columbia that got us Twittering!

She told me about the guide she has written with Murray Newlands and sent me a voucher copy to review here - how kind!

I have to say, having read a lot of the Twitter guides knocking around this one is the best basic guide by some stretch.

How To Twitter Successfully And Gain Followers

What I like about this guide is it starts at the very beginning, shows you exactly how Twitter works, what everything does and how best you can use it. In short it is very much a "fool-proof" guide - I like things that are fool-proof and that I can understand :>)

Having completed that task with great clarity, the guide then goes on to describe some of the best Twitter tools available. Not only that, but Heather and Murray show you how to get the best out of the tools and exactly what they should be used for and how!

How To Twitter Successfully And Gain Followers

There are very few guides that are as clear and concise and as easy to implement as this one.

There is a small charge for this guide, but, I would rather pay a small amount and get true value than get something for free that takes an age to work out...and then doesn't really deliver!

This guide delivers and I recommend if fully!

Back with more soon.

Cheers now


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Page ONE on Google Overnight With The Instant Social Traffic Formula

Most people think that getting a page one listing on Google is too difficult. That it takes hours and hours of work, incredible effort and the end result is normally pretty poor!

But, now, in conjunction with my Internet buddy Lee Brooker, I have found out how YOU can get that elusive PAGE ONE listing in just a matter of hours!


Think again!

Lee and I have achieved this time and time again, and the beauty of the system we have developed is...

Instant Social Traffic Formula

...we are getting results for high profile, high KEI keywords. Not just obscure long-tailed keywords that mean nothing.

We developed this system which uses simple tools and techniques and enables you and easily get any web page on to the first page of Google. And, in most cases results are happening within a few hours, overnight!

And, we have proven that the system works EVERY time, without fail! Its’ been tried and tested and it delivers!

Sadly there are too many hyped up "systems" that just don't deliver these days. The Instant Social Traffic Formula is different, just look at the following video.

Instant Social Traffic Formula - The Proof

How else can you get a major keyword phrase like “basic google adwords guide” to position two on page one out of 57,000 pages? Now that's impressive!

Or the phrase “headline writing” where the system achieved page one, position one against 453,000 competitors…even more impressive

This system works, no matter how tough the competition is. Later we'll be showing you proof where we achieved a page one listing against 52 million competing pages, but you’ll have to go to the site to see that one :>)

Thta's a page one listing on Google worth to you? It will certainly bring a flood of FREE traffic. Instant Social Traffic is like having a secret key that unlocks Google’s “back door”!

Instant Social Traffic Formula - Get YOUR FREE Access

The one thing all online businesses need is TRAFFIC!

Traffic = Sales = Profit.

It really doesn’t matter how good your product is, if you're trying to sell online with no traffic, you will fail.

So, what do you get in the Instant Social Traffic Formula?

Firstly, and the basis of the system is a n easy to read, no fluff eBook which takes you by the hand and introduces you to the system, step-by-step. It is clear, concise and written in plain easy to understand English. Each step is described in detail so that you do not miss anything out.

To ensure you can't go wrong, you also get a checklist that you can print off.

The checklist is a masterstroke and makes using the system completely fool proof! Every step along the path to that page one listing is documented with a tick box by the side.

Complete the action, tick the box, move on to the next action, complete and tick the box and so on until you have checked all of the boxes - then go to sleep and wake up to your very own keyword optimized page one Google listing! Nothing is left to chance!

If that’s not enough for you, there is also a series of five instructional videos where Lee and I actually demonstrate the system being implemented to it’s maximum potential.

And,with video becoming such an imporatnt part of the social marketing fabric, there is also a bonus video that shows you how to create your own vidoes simply and totally free of charge (using tools that come with every PC).

And, finally with keyword research being such a vitral strand of the system, you need your own keyword reasearch tool. Yes, you get your own keyword research tool as part of the product…as I say, nothing is left to chance!

Sign Up NOW!

Pre-Launch is open now and it's free to join during pre-launch, so get along and get signed up. What’s a page one Google ranking every time you put a web property up worth?

You decide!

Monday, 1 June 2009

CB Quantum Lands Tomorrow

Hi Derek here,

Tomorrow is launch day for the massive joint venture project between Chris X (Day Job Killer, Google Assassin etc) and Andrew Fox (Dominating Clickbank 1 & 2 and Affiliate X Factor).

There is one hell of a lot hype surrounding this one, so I wanted to have a little look inside before I gave you the benefit of my insight :>)

Now I have to say the guys are keeping this one pretty close to their chests, but I have seen enough to suggest that this is a very good product. However, and I'll warn you right up front, it's not a cheap one!

CB Quantum Explained

The price is going to be $997.

This is the first time that either Chris or Andrew have ventured into this sort of product price range but I do expect these guys to deliver.

So, what do you get for your significant investment.

Well, in my opinion, this is a very good "marriage" of skills. Firstly there can be no doubt both of these guys have ripped Clickbank to shreds and both made millions from it. Chris alone made $2.6 million in 2008.

That in itself is a powerful reason to listen to what he says.

Now I have been disappointed with some of Chris's products recently, Google Nemesis wasn't all that good in my opinion. However, for the most part he has delivered in the $97 price range and Andrew has always delivered in the $97-167 range. And, when I say delivered I mean given true value.

CB Quantum is a different kettle of fish all together.

This is a turn key system that covers everything from affiliate marketing, product development, and Adwords through to very effective niche research techniques.

However, the real value comes in some very secret techniques that Chris and Andrew have developed in Clickbank, PPC and Intelligence Gathering.

View CB Quantum Video - Click Here

As far as I can see, this is new stuff that no-one else is teaching. Chris has hyped this up to suggest this is the true secret stuff that allows the Gurus to achieve massive success and keep everyone else fumbling around at the bottom of the IM food chain.

I'm not totally sure about that, but what I really like about CB Quantum is that everything is systemised and productised and delivered with a series of templates for everything including review pages and PPC campaigns.

So, what you get is a "plug and play" system that pretty much ensures your succes...provided you do what it says on the tin!

It's worth getting on the pre-launch anyway as there is some great free stuff on the pre-launch, but you'll have to be quick as launch itself is tomorrow 2nd June.

One final thing that I really liked is a system Chris has developed for leveraging off of other peoples knowledge and time. As I'm sure you are aware, information overload is a major problem as is the time involved in product development. These guys claim to have solved that completely. However, that's the bit they wouldn't let me look at!

To conclude, this looks to be a very good turnkey solution to getting an internet maerketing business up and running. It is on the high side price wise, but from the sneak peek I've had I think it's a worthwhile investment.

Check Out CB Quantum - Click Here

O.K, that's it for today, I'll be back in a few days looking at a new Twitter guide that looks rather good.

As *YOUR* success

Cheers now


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Secret Adwords Tips Reviewed

Hello Again,

Well, in truth there hasn't been much worth posting about recently so I have been fairly quiet. However, something has happened which I just had to tell you about.

For my money Armand Morin is the best provider of "how to" information for Internet Marketers, so, when he launches something I take notice.

Today he is launching a new and updated Adwords product, Secret Adwords Tips.

There is a short video for you to watch here Secret Adwords Tips which explains the product in detail and shows you exactly what you get and what you can expect to gain from this amazing product.

What I will say is that I learned Adwords from Armand in his IMA product which I paid $2,500 for. Was it worth it? You bet, every cent! Sadly you can still only buy that product when you see Armand live! However, Secret Adwords Tips gives you the full Adwords course included in

...the latest updated information on how to keep your Quality Score high, Google sweet and your PPC costs down.

Why should you listen to Armand?

Well, he spends tens of thousands of dollars on Adwords each day...and his ads are seen by between 7 - 10 million people daily. He's sold over $55 million worth of product online, more than anyone else I know.

On that basis, if you truly want online success, then you should listen to what this man has to say!

Watch the video here.

As *YOUR* success

Cheers now and have fun!


Thursday, 23 April 2009

Responsive EMail Marketing Tutorials

Hello Again,

I just got my hands on this product from Erik James.

Sorry, but I have just invoked probably the quickest cancellation ever on this one.

This really is a tale of woe from start to finish. At $47/month, it is just not worth the money.

The content in the eight email marketing videos is VERY weak, well the ones I was able to watch anyway. Half of the videos didn't work and it was a trial to get the rest to play.

EMail Promos Exposed (which is available as a free download or free bonus on many online products) is much better in my opinion.

Sorry Erik, but I just cannot recommend this as a buy under any circumstances.

I hate posting such a negative review, but, you need to know when a poor product is launched.

As *YOUR* success

Cheers now, and have fun


P.S - Note added 24th April (after I'd calmed down a bit), the post refund email trail from Erik is good and customer focused. However, if he'd put a decent product out in the first place...that wouldn't have mattered would it?

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Marketing Quickies 3 - Release Update

Hi Again,

Just a very quick post as MQ3 is now live.

I've now had a chance to look inside the product and overall I'm impressed.

I suggest that you DO watch the video if you are potentially interested.

MQ3 Is Live Watch The Video

This 41 minute explains everything and in some detail. Having now had a chance to look inside I can confirm that the actual products you will be selling through your membership site are excellent. It is unique and very new content, worth a lot of money.

The systems employed are also very good and you will only need to make a few point and clicks here and there and write emails to manage your customers...and affiliates. Yes, I was seriously impressed that the system includes an affiliate management system...and a membership management system.

You also get full graphics a fully functioning website and free (cloud) hosting (which is very effective).

My only reservations are that there are going to be 500 products sold and as far as I can see everyone is going to be selling the same product. Now I know many people will buy and do nothing with it, but with a relatively high ticket price, I would expect about 50% to action (as it is very easy).

It's my view this will make it a bit of a bun fight to make sales from your site. The slogan is all you have to do is drive traffic, but that is easier said than done.

If you can pull a couple of big time JV's, are decent at Adwords or have a traffic system in place this is a a recommended buy as everything contained in MQ3 is very solid indeed.

In any case if you think this might be for you it is worth watching the video, but when watching bear in mind my comments!

MQ3 Is Live Watch The Video

There were a lot of very quick sales and there are 500 licences available, so if you are interested I would suggest you get along and have a look fairly quickly.

Lee Benson says "no hype" right at the front of the video, and he is very clever in the way he states his case. In my opinion it is "low key" hype, but it is a little bit there :>)

However, it is a very good and solid product.

My only BIG question is what happens once the initial 12 months of products that are included run out? That is not mentioned.

I know Andrew Fox is a subscriber of mine, so if you're reading Andrew, I'd be really grateful if you could please drop me a mail and clear that one up - thank you!

I'll let you know as soon as I get an answer.

As *YOUR* succcess.

Cheers now

APD Internet Marketing

Monday, 30 March 2009

Marketing Quickies 3 Hits Town Tomorrow

Hello Again,

I've got news of a really interesting product launch today. At midday GMT tomorrow (31st March 2009) Andrew Fox and Lee Benson launch Marketing Quickies 3.

This is a really interesting product.

It comes with afree introduction report that you can download at the following link

Marketing Quickies Free Report

First up, you might as well get the report. It's a good read and Andrew gives the background as to how he overcame prejudice in his younger years to build a big Internet empire. It's a good read and a nice injection of positive.

If you read my stuff you'll know I am a fan of Andrew's stuff. He is one of the best affiliate marketers around, particularly in the U.K, and in my opinion has a unique take on the Internet marketing world.

His Affiliate X Factor and Dominating Clickbank 2 products were great for people new to affiliate and relationship marketing. Incidentally, if you but Dominating Clickbank 2 you don't need Affiliate X Factor.

Marketing Quickies 3 is a turnkey business in a box for want of a better way of describing it.

You get a fully functioning, automated membership site, with all the back office fully customised and working. You do not need to do anything.

All the web graphics are supllied and you even get 12 months hosting for your site.

The products you get the rights to re-sell are developed by Lee Benson and three "quick" Internet Marketing lessons of around 15 minutes each month.

So, the upside is you get a fully functional membership site with enough great products to keep you going for 12 months.

The downside is that after 12 months you have to take over all the running of the site and you don't have any more products to plug in. Now I haven't seen the "full pitch" yet, but my guess is Andrew and Lee will offer to keep you going for another year for another payment.

There is no doubt that membership sites are the way to go set one upfropm scratch is a long and involved process!

I have seen one of the monthly "quickies" and it is a Javascript (with full instructions) that will really help increase sales on your (any) site. I udnerstand there will be a lot of Web2.0 and traffic techniques that Andrew and Lee use exclusively in their business.

So, it will be sharp content that will help you build a business.

Having said that you are going to be selling to the mid to experienced IM market with this product once you go live. It is an insatiable market so it will probably work well, however, if everyone who buys it launches effectively there will be a lot of comeptition for the same market selling the same products.

The major plus is that with such good products you stand a good chance of pulling some serious JV's which could help you build a large sized list quite quickly.

Finalt thoughts, this probably isn't for the complete beginner, although the promise on hand holding may get a newbie through. My view is for someone who has started to do a bit and had the odd success here and there and is looking to really get a kick start.

At the very least I would suggest it's worth downloading the click below to get that...

Marketing Quickies Free Report

...and then watch the sales video (yes not a sales page a sales video) and make your decision from there.

I hope this launch review of Marketing Quickies 3 is helpful to you.

As *YOUR* success.

Cheers now

APD Internet Marketing
Cutting out the hype and the BS

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Brad Callens PPC Web Spy Review

With PPC Web Spy, you can spy on any advertiser or competition you want and uncover all the keywords and keyphrases they are using in their successful PPC campaigns and use these same list of keywords in YOUR AdWords Ads. You will be doing all this in Real-Time while you search using Google.

The amount of information this little tool gives you is huge, enough to figure out so many things that you can use to make very informed and accurate decisions. You will also be able to find out how your competition is making so much money and simply copy/paste their keywords.
PPC Web Spy is part of Bryxen Software tools, brand that made Brad Callen famous in the Keyword Research and Internet Marketing world.

Brad Callen has created over 15 software products that have been rated as some of the best in the whole world. With 15 successful products experience to back him up, we have absolute guarantee that PPC Web Spy is simply an awsome keyword research tool, simply perfect and amazing.

PPC Web Spy comes by default in a Free version for a limited time. We don’t know when Brad Callen will decide to take this offer off so it’s a great idea to get it now that you can. After you test the Free version, you will have an option to upgrade for the Platinum version that includes so much new features that I explain below.

The software is actually a FireFox browser plugin. The great part of this is that it’s less probable for it to have bugs or work wrong. We will only depend on Google and whenever it decides to make changes in the way it searches and displays results. But Brad Callen has such a great programming team that we would all have an update almost automatically.


This Is What PPC Web Spy Will Do For You!

You will have the ability to uncover probably any Google Adwords keywords that other advertisers use very easily and in no time at all. Just takes a couple of seconds. Why is this a good thing?

Because you can do the same thing the other advertisers are doing, profiting from those keywords! Just take the list of keywords and use them yourself to promote your own products.

You can see a lot of information about the list of keywords that you can use for your own benefit. The kind of information you’ll see is:

All the adword ads that each keyword appears in (yes, you’ll be able to spy that deep into your competition strategies)

How much the advertiser is spending for all those keywords, yes, the actual Cost Per Click

The position the advertiser is in. With this information, you can have a close idea of how much money you will need to spend to be in the same positions.

How much money other advertisers are spending every day for each keyword

With PPC Web Spy, you can create your own large lists of keywords that are based on individual keywords that other advertisers are using.

You can also create your own large lists of keywords using your competition or other advertisers domains.

You will be able to easily know if your competition is advertising products from affiliate sites such as ClickBank, PayDotCom or Amazon.

You will be able to find super affiliates using these affiliate site products and uncover the profitable keywords they are using, then just use the same successful keywords to promote the same products (or your own similar products) and expect similar results.

You can set PPC Web Spy to show the landing page URL of each PPC adwords ad live, in Google Results page.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Now Mike Filsaime Is At It!!

Hello Again,

Wow, it's a *BIG* news week this week!

I have some more news to share with you...some BIG news!

In fact, it's news that may well upset some people.

Mike Filsaime has announced that he is GIVING AWAY

5000 Home Study courses of Butterfly Marketing.

Yes, for FREE...

Mike has taken the $1997 (+ shipping) price of his best

selling course... of the best selling Home Study courses in History,

and he is mailing it to you free. (You just pay the shipping).

Incredibly ** You even get the software ** with unlimited use

and unlimited license for as many sites as your heart desires to

use it on!

In case you're not aware, Butterfly marketing has launched

some big Internet Marketing careers. Alex Jeffries and

Michael Cheney to name two.

These guys have come from nowhere to Internet Marketing

"big hitters" in just a couple of years, and both say their success is

due to following the principles in Butterfly Marketing.

But there is a major concern.

At the last count there were, 20,000 people that want it.

A sell out is expected in just hours.

DATE- March 24th, 1 PM EST (5PM U.K)

...there's more.

Mike paid over $75,000 out of his own pocket to have

these courses made. (There is always a chance he can

get stuck with them. But that is HIGHLY unlikely.)

So, since there are *ONLY 5,000* and it is expected that

over 75,000 people will be notified...

Only 1 in 15 people will get their hands on it.

Yes, only 1 in 15.

14 out of 15 people will see "Sold Out".

I wish you luck. I will tell you how to practically

guarantee you can get your Free copy of the $1997

Home Study Course if you only...


*Check out the link below.

*Watch the entire Video that Mike Explains

*Enter your name and email to Be notified

on a Early Bird list before the public

(You will be able to buy before the site goes live.)

*Then watch the video of how Mike's software

changed the life of a lucky person that got

his course for free at an event.

This VIDEO CASE STUDY will blow you away.

Oh... Here is the best part and great news for today.

When you register as an early bird, Mike Filsaime is

going to Give you is "$97 Butterfly Marketing

Manuscript" for free to read so that you can learn

all about Butterfly Marketing so that when you get

the Home Study Course and software for free (if you

are on time) you can start making all the money you

want right away.

So make sure to follow ALL 4 STEPS so ensure you

are one of the lucky people to get access. There

is a limited number of these made for this promotion.

You must see this, check it out here:

As *YOUR* success

Cheers now, and have fun!


P.S. - Mike explains the new features in the 2.0 version at the


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Armand Morin Really Hacks Me Off Sometimes!

Hello Again,

If you read my stuff regularly, you'll know I am a *HUGE*
fan of Armand Morin.

As far as Internet Marketing Training is concerned, he is the best.

However, sometimes he does something that really does
hack me off *BIG TIME*!

Today he's gone and done just that!

Over 5 years in the making... IT'S FINALLY RELEASED?

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about, right?

O.K, I know Armand Morin is just about the best Internet
Marketing expert out there and he has been an *AMAZING*
mentor for me, but...he has just showed me something
that, when I saw it I COULDN'T BELIEVE!

I have never seen a more COMPLETE system to train anyone
on the subject of Internet Marketing before. The best part
is, he just launched it, and you're one of the first even
hear about it, so take my advice and check this out now.

I'm not sure how long this promotion is going to last, but
my suggestion to you is to go to the page and read the
whole thing, I know you'll be just as impressed as I was
with this NEW SYSTEM.

So, if it's so good, why am I so hacked off?

Well, included in the ridiculously low price is the *FULL*
AIM Adwords system. It's simply the *BEST* system for really
understanding how to profit from Adwords...'s the self same system I used to learn Adwords.

But...I paid $2,497 for it!

And YOU can get it free when you sign up for AM 2.0!

Here's a tip for you...

Make sure you watch ALL 3 of his videos there.


As *YOUR* success (even if I am still
pissed with Armand)

Cheers now, and have fun!


Friday, 13 March 2009


Hi and welcome to the APD Internet Marketing product review Blog.

There are an incredible number of new product releases in the IM space nowadays. Much of it is old re-hashed information that is, to be honest, of very little use.

In these tough times, you need to get the maximum "bang for your buck". You need to be 100% sure a product will...

1. Do what it says on the box
2. Actually help you achieve what you want to achieve by making a purchase... on this Blog we'll be reviewing all of the big Internet Marketing product launches.

We're not going to dress it up, we're going to tell you what we think - genuinely.

If we don't think the product is up to scratch, we'll give it to you straight! We'll tell you who we think should and shouldn't buy a product. What the product is good for and what it's not. That's our promise to you.

Please feel free to comment or mail us with your views as it all goes back to help you make better informed decisions on how you spend your product budget.

As *YOUR* success

Cheers now, and have fun!

Derek & Lee

Internet Marketing from APD
Turn Your Time Into Money