Friday, 19 June 2009

How To Twitter Successfully And Gain A Load Of Followers

Hi Again,

Derek here and today I'm reviewing a Twitter what?

O.K, I know there are a ton of Twitter guides around at the moment, many of them free and, truth be told, many of them not very good!

Funnily enough I got chatting to co-author of this guide, Heather Smith via Twitter. And, funnily enough it was the fact that she lives very near to where I holiday every year in British Columbia that got us Twittering!

She told me about the guide she has written with Murray Newlands and sent me a voucher copy to review here - how kind!

I have to say, having read a lot of the Twitter guides knocking around this one is the best basic guide by some stretch.

How To Twitter Successfully And Gain Followers

What I like about this guide is it starts at the very beginning, shows you exactly how Twitter works, what everything does and how best you can use it. In short it is very much a "fool-proof" guide - I like things that are fool-proof and that I can understand :>)

Having completed that task with great clarity, the guide then goes on to describe some of the best Twitter tools available. Not only that, but Heather and Murray show you how to get the best out of the tools and exactly what they should be used for and how!

How To Twitter Successfully And Gain Followers

There are very few guides that are as clear and concise and as easy to implement as this one.

There is a small charge for this guide, but, I would rather pay a small amount and get true value than get something for free that takes an age to work out...and then doesn't really deliver!

This guide delivers and I recommend if fully!

Back with more soon.

Cheers now


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  1. Hey Derek - thanks for the great review of our Twitter guide! With all the coverage on CNN of the activities in Iran, Twitter is receiving a tremendous amount of hype as a huge Social Media tool for getting the word out instantly. More people will be signing up and I hope many of them find our ebook useful :)

    Enjoy your holiday in Beautiful British Columbia!